Putting Down Roots

Putting down roots in my hometown wasn’t the plan. Moving home and living with my parents wasn’t my idea. Not living within walking distance of my closest friends was unthinkable; now almost all three have occurred.

But do I regret where I am today? ┬áNo, there have been too many unexpected, wonderful surprises for that. I’ve connected with friends I once believed were lost to me and met new ones to adventure with. But do I wish I was somewhere else? Somewhere other than my hometown? Yes. It’s not a steady, conscious thought; just an echo in my mind as I fall asleep; what life altering adventure could I possibly have in a place I’ve always known?

Living at home is easy, I know it won’t last for forever. Reconnecting with old friends is a blessing. Putting down roots in my hometown, that’s dangerous. That means commitment. That means leaving my comfort zone and admitting my personal life plan was wrong.

Roots can be uprooted. I just want mine to last.