Five Minute Friday: Change

Change is terrifying, and only the brave accomplish it.
Change only requires one thing: that you give up the belief that things will happen the way you originally planned.
Only the brave accept change because it is full of unknowns that are beyond control. Sometimes change is good and enjoyable, like a new friend or a new job. Sometimes change is hard and painful, like when friends and family pass away and you are left to wonder why you are the the last one to say goodbye.
Change is important, but only the bravest men and women can accomplish it.

Today’s word is change, and the challenge is to write the first thing the comes to mind during a five minute time period, and then not edit it when the time is up.
Some people think of something else when they hear the word change. Feel free to check them out here.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Change

  1. Yes… change is for the brave. Funny thing, though? I wrote about how sometimes, not changing is what’s right and brave. Thanks for reminding me of the other perspective.

    Your 5mf neighbor.

    • I completely agree with you, sometimes it takes courage not to change when people want us to. 🙂 your 5mf post is beautiful, and I’m glad you didn’t change your daughter’s name too.

  2. Accepting the uncertainty and walking into change willingly…yes, it takes an incredible amount of bravery!

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