Five Minute Friday: Bloom

When a flower blooms in the spring, it’s a beautiful sight. After an entire season of winter, of cold air and harsh wind, delicate and beautiful petals unfurl in the sweet spring air. It’s out of the unforgiving cold that new life comes once again. The new flowers bring hope and joy to the world that almost forgot they existed. I think it’s the same for people. We experience the harsh and unforgiving seasons of life and begin to believe that it will always be that way. Then, suddenly, we experience a blooming flower in the form of a child’s sweet laughter or the refreshing beauty of a new sunrise and we begin to hope again.


Five Minute Fridays are when Lisa-Jo gives us a prompt and we write open and without hesitation for five minutes (and no editing when we’re done). Check it out, and join us next week. 🙂


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