Failing Love

How many times a month do I sing about God’s unfailing love? There are lots of songs that are centered on theme of God’s unfailing, unending, unconditional love for humanity. I like to sing them because they remind me that though life is hard, God’s love for me will never end. But last night I got to thinking, do I love God with the same unconditional love He gives me? When I am physically in pain, stressed out and anxious do I become frustrated with God for letting these things happen to me? Or do I love Him despite how I feel? Is my love for God conditional on how my day goes or is it unconditional?

My goal in life is to become like Christ in everything I do; that includes how I love Him. I can count all the times I told God I want to love Him unconditionally on one finger; and today was the first time I told Him that. Honestly, I am disappointed in myself for accepting God’s unfailing love for me and not giving Him the same type of love in return. How I love should not be dictated by the situations in which I find myself. My love should be focused on Christ and His mercy for me instead. Thankfully, I have received my wake up call and will no longer let pain, anxiety, and stress keep me from loving God unconditionally every day.


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