Write – Five Minute Friday

Wow, such a simple word but I don’t know where to start writing (haha! get it! I’m so punny….)

What to write about is one of the tough questions a writer must face. Such anyone can get an idea for a novel, a short story, a movie, or a blog post, but it’s turning those ideas into something written that’s tricky. That’s part of the fun, but it can also be aggravating. I fondly think of it as “banging-your-head-against-a-wall-until-the-words-you-are-trying-to-use-to-describe-some-feeling-finally-click” or “tearing your hair out trying to make two important ideas connect.”

I have several “dream jobs.” One of them is to be a writer. I don’t know what kind yet, book author or screenwriter, or what genre, though I really like Adolescent Lit and Children’s movies. I was just talking to my roommate the other day how I would love to be a writer, but honestly it will take me at least until I’m 30 or 40 before it can be a full time career. And honestly, I would like to do other things to support myself too, like camera operate for film or TV!

But writing…writing comes naturally to me. It’s a way I can recharge and be myself with characters that I created and have their own little quirks. Writing’s fun, and I hope I never get too old or too busy to take time to write.


As you can tell, today’s word was write. A slight challenge since there’s so much to be said of such a small word, but fun nevertheless. Check out Lisa-Jo’s post about the word write too!


One thought on “Write – Five Minute Friday

  1. I think that’s when you know you should do it! When it recharges you! Keep at it

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